AWN Global Advisory Board

AWN Global is dedicated to giving entrepreneurs a voice and a platform to be inspired, be connected and to get results. We are a platform organisation, whose signature events are The Business Summit, Leadership Program and Blue Frost Gala Ball. Our Summits showcase of our country’s leaders celebrating global collaboration.

The Advisory Board is designed to develop and implement best strategies and results for ongoing success. To be effective and relevant, we believe it is critical to select representatives including government, business, industry and community leaders who are needed to best support our thriving organisation and to have an opportunity to provide input and serve on this committee.

The Advisory Board is a peer group of volunteers who are highly successful individuals, whose business morals and related experiences are valued and consistent with the mission of the AWN Global.  The Advisory Board members depth of diversity allows the Board to bring a passionate stewardship to AWN Global’s overall mission.

The Advisory Board is considered a vital partnering arm which provides input and research from the community at large and its key leaders and supports AWN with branding, marketing, sponsorship and blogging. The Advisory Board members address basic questions about the organisation’s services, mission, financial needs and vision for broadening its services, and also provide public support when attending special events and advocate on behalf of AWN Global in the community.

We invite you to serve on our Advisory Board. We need your knowledge, experience and community mindset and are confident that you will make a valuable contribution to this board. By serving as a volunteer on this board, you have an opportunity to make recommendations to the AWN Global Founders and Management team and to support the development of our ongoing projects. You promote and advocate the importance of the Mission and Vision of AWN Global.


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