This book is about stories. Simply put, life is an accumulation of stories. In every moment and every day, our stories are being created and often we do not give them a second thought. Pivotal life moments are rarely given too much attention until such time as our focus is taken to them. This is exactly what I encountered when I put the call out to find my 26 co-authors for this unique opportunity to inspire hope in others with our stories.

One hundred and fifty-seven women from all over the globe responded within twenty-four hours. I was overwhelmed, surprised and humbled that my vision and intention for this beautiful book had resonated so quickly and with so many. What surprised me even more, however, was that most of these women did not believe they had a story and an accompanying message to share that anyone would be interested in reading, however, the pull to explore this opportunity further and respond to my call was far too strong.

As this was the first time I had put a book together with twenty-six other women from so many different time zones, I decided early on that this book was not going to be rushed and that it needed my full attention and dedication. I focused totally on creating a space where these beautiful women would feel safe in having deep discussions about their lives and I initiated many thought-provoking conversations within the group and individually, taking them to places in their minds they never thought possible. This was the key. Our fortnightly Masterclasses were where my co-authors discovered their superpowers, their individual brilliance and their courage to stand up and acknowledge that they have a story, in fact, stories within stories were unveiled, what they stood for and who they have come into the world to BE was uncovered and transformation took place in many parts of their lives.

Far too many women these days are confused about who they are and who others want them to be. Our lives are noisy, jammed packed with responsibilities and social media is putting a lot of pressure on women to look, be and act a certain way. The world, as it is today, even though it is 2019, is very disempowering for most women.

For the past 18 years, I have worked as a Holistic Therapist with hundreds of people, men, women and teenagers, many of whom were feeling desponded, lacking hope and vision for their life. During their sessions, they would share with me the letters they had written for their loved ones as they were contemplating taking their own life.

The common theme among the women coming to see me in this state, was that they felt the world took notice and made them feel visible when it came to the way they looked, their size, their body, their features and other superficial aspects of their physicality and yet, they felt the world took little notice of their mind, their intellect, their personal and professional achievements, their aspirations and their opinions. They felt they had become invisible to what matters and had resorted to believing they had no value and nothing to look forward to.

In working with these women, I found the KEY to helping them transform. Together, we were able to light up a path to fulfilment and joy, and at the same time place the path to suicide into a permanent ‘black-out’, never to be found again.

All I had to do was to ensure that within the deep transformational work we did together they re-discovered who they were and, often, discovered for the first time their brilliance, their feminine power and their ferocious feminine courage. These were what I termed their own, unique ‘Devine Soul Wisdom’ that had yet to be accessed and lay buried deep inside their psyche, never having seen the light of day.

Once they unveiled their brilliance, they went from total despondency and devastating melancholy to an awakening of who they had come into the world to BE. The spark of love for their life was now re-ignited and as they continued to explore their relationship with themselves on the deepest possible level, their light in the world expanded.

Each woman's’ discovery of her feminine mystique and the unequivocal feminine wisdom resulted in her ability to stand in her own power and purpose and follow her unique inner guidance. This resulted in each woman experiencing her life through a fiercely empowered state of mind. She could not help but have her newfound feminine confidence become visible for all to see and, for her vision of who she has come into this life to BE infused within every cell of their being. This made it impossible for her to ever get lost in the cancerous growth in our world that is born out of the superficiality, fakeness, pressure to look ageless, destructive limiting self-beliefs, all coming from a low self-worth and a low self-belief which as a result, always ends up in the dark land of melancholy and despair.

“To meet one’s own spirit is to search in the depths of one’s soul where the pearl of divine wisdom awaits to adorn us with its glowing brilliance, forever encircling us in this human experience and igniting deep curiosity in others to do the same.”

~ Vicki Gotsis Ceraso

My mission is to lead women into fearlessly unveiling their greatness to the world and confidently stepping into their feminine power to become the influence the world is crying out for.

The book, Dance In The Fire Of Life was an idea sparked from all the work and interactions with my clients over the years. This spark ignited an insatiable need to create something that will help women ignite their light and unveil their Devine Wisdom. I could not bear to see another woman stumble upon that dark path of despondency and deep melancholy which ultimately takes away her desire to BE who she has come into this life to BE!!

Each of my awe-inspiring co-authors has dug deep, uncovered her stories, her messages and her reason for being a light in this world. Each woman has trusted me to ghostwrite her chapter alongside her when necessary, ensuring her message is clear and her unique spirit is weaved within every page. I will forever be grateful for their trust and understanding. All I have ever wanted for these women is to witness them standing in their power, shining brightly and expanding their light so they can touch, inspire and pass on the beacon of hope to all women. They have not let me down.

If you are reading this Introduction and enjoy our beautiful book, consider if there is a call within your heart and soul to explore who you have come into this life to BE and to expand your unique light out into the world.

Reach out to me and I will help you write your own contributing chapter to one of my up and coming Anthologies, or, your very own Book, Workbook, Course,  Keynote Talks, TED talk, and more.

Rest assured that under my watch you will not be producing something superficial in content and message as so many are doing these days. I am not interested in producing 30,000-word business cards. I’m interested in infusing each of my authors words with heart, soul, integrity and purpose.

I will help you unveil your brilliance and together, we will let the world understand clearly what it is that you have come into this world to offer through who you have come into this world to BE.

Join me in this rousing, inspirational and emotional united march of the Feminine Rising!!!

Together we can take measured and purposeful steps to catapult our individual lives as WOMEN RISING and ultimately transform the happiness and success destiny for the next generation of WOMEN RISING HIGHER