Australian Women’s Network Business Summit and Gala Ball was held in 2016. Success in recent times is all about networking with the right set of people in the society. It is no longer news that for any productive idea or venture to be successful and achieve the desired impact, leaders must network with the relevant arrays of stakeholders in order to build a community centered on a collective vision Modern day rules of engagement require that we capitalize on our influences across different horizons, build strong unconventional partnerships and channel our efforts to make the idea a reality.

Sometimes we may ask – “How are the most successful leaders changing the road map to the top?” Is it in their businesses, their communities or the social causes they are in charge of? We all want to make lasting impacts in our endeavors; there is no doubt about that. However we must ask ourselves how do we become more knowledgeable about the opportunities around us and how do we scale the hurdles to bring about lasting change?

The Australia Women’s Network Business Summit is leading this campaign for lasting change by bringing together the best brains across diverse industries as well as the most dynamic and visionary thinkers in education, philanthropy, business, media and entertainment. The mission of the network is to help women to harness and develop their amazing leadership qualities as well as to speed up the empowerment of women through a 360 degree leadership development and a professional global network.

The Australian Women’s Network Business Summit and Gala Ball aims to provide you with the platform to network with other leading business owners, learn from their inspirational success stories and also learn valuable tactics that you can apply in the running of your own business to bring about your dream outcome. Our next Gala Ball will be held in 2020, so watch this space for updates.